Earn GREENs by supporting and incentivizing a green future.

You can earn GREENs as easy as registering in our platform, improving our website, creating content or promoting our vision for a decentralised green future.



The first 500 people to register will get 100 GREENs. The following 500 people will get 50 GREENs. And the following 500 people will get 10 GREENs.

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Event Participation

Do you want to claim the GREENs for participating in a event we were in? That's the place.


Platform improvement

Time to crush those bugs. Found something that is not working quite well? Has any suggestions on how we could do better? That's your place to get rewarded.


Affiliate Program

Help us incentivize the production of green power. You get GREENs for every MW from projects you bring in. Retroactively from 2010.



Do you want to have the website in our own language? Help us translating our website and documents.


Platform Usage

We want to incentivize as much as we can the green energy behaviour. So we will get you some extra tokens as you use our products and services


Content Writing

Are you a professional in the areas of Blockchain, AI, Energy or future innovation? You can get GREENs for sharing your knowledge and ideas.


Social Media Activism

Keep the conversation flowing as more people share our green future vision, faster we will get there.


Tell a friend

Bring your friends to the green future revolution. We are all about building a community and nothing better for that than our friends and family