Greeneum easily creates the ability to contribute to the future of green energy while strengthening and securing individuals and companies financial positions.


Greeneum te facilita el contribuir al futuro de la energía verde enfocándose en los elementos que protejan y aseguren tu posición financiera.


Greeneum позволяет вам вносить вклад в будущее зеленой энергии, сосредотачиваясь на элементах, которые укрепляют и защищают ваши финансовые позиции.







Solar producers

what is solar Proof-of-energy-transaction (solarpet)?

PETs are automated Proof-of-Energy-Transaction systems that make clean energy easier and more profitable.

The "Proof-of-Green”protocol is an advanced data management and processing protocol that profiles and validates energy production for existing sustainable power-production systems.

why solarpet?

Energy production and transactions are efficiently gathered and categorized using advanced machine-learning algorithms and multiple validation methods. Metadata is securely recorded to the blockchain. It provides residential. commercial or grid operators:

  • Evaluation of distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) system State of Health (SOH)

  • Prediction of energy production

  • Validation of solar energy sources

  • Optimization of spinning reserves needed resources

  • Prevention of PV-related grid faults

Microgrids & utilities

why Decentralized Software as a service (DSAas)?

Greeneum provides a proprietary and robust solution for the optimization and management of microgrids and utilities. Greeneum’s AI platform provides in-depth insights and accurate predictions that allows operators to balance energy supply and demand whilst enabling holistic energy networks, including production, consumption, transmission distribution and storage optimization. Greeneum’s Network AI and monitoring algorithms continuously monitor all projects to drive efficiencies which differ between generators, consumers, prosumers and the distribution network. We designed an algorithm with 95 percent accuracy for solar generators that includes local climatological system and production.

Green tokens

GREEN token.png

Greeneum issues smart contracts called GREEN tokens, the medium of exchange and reward for the global community of GREEN supporters.

GREEN tokens can be used to purchase products from the marketplace while contributing to sustainability. Greeneum Carbon Certificates reduce your carbon footprint. Every contribution is a step towards a greener planet.

carbon assets


Clean energy use contributes to the global solution of carbon emissions. For every megawatt hour generated, Greeneum rewards users with Greeneum Carbon Credits and Greeneum Green Certificates. Greeneum uses its Proof-of-Energy-Transaction (PET) to record and validate energy production which automates credit and certificate rewards.

Greeneum Green Certificates

Greeneum smart contracts issues Green Certificates (GGC) through a customized AI smart contract that identifies problems and generates accurate proof-of-green energy availability. Greeneum's target AI precisely defines outliners by generating only the most accurate proof-of-green energy available. GGC is traded on the open market for eco-friendly products and services such as smart monitors, solar panels and wind turbines.

Greeneum Carbon Credits

The global economy uses carbon credits because of its production of harmful emissions. Accordingly to what projections says, Carbon Credits will be worth over $3.5 Trillion by the year of 2020 - in a single country.

GREEN Tokens enable the purchasing of Greeneum Carbon Credits. Issued on the blockchain as a non-fungible ERC721 token, Greeneum Carbon Credits are sold on the open marketplace and exchanged for GREEN Tokens or traded for other crypto (or fiat currencies).

Technical Services


Solar Producers, Prosumers & Companies

solar proof-of-energy-transaction (solarpet) features:

  • State of Health report every morning for the owners of all solar PV systems with no performance monitoring capabilities.

  • Early warning of impending system faults

  • Accurate day ahead and hour ahead generation predictions for energy traders with no necessity for on-site sensors

  • Optimising backup storage

Utilities & Local Grids

Virtual Power Plants (VPP)

Our Energy Platform allow you to be trade your energy in the market using a VPP software. 


  • Energy Monitoring and Prediction

  • Optimising backup storage

  • EV charging

  • Reducing spinning reserve by making available to the Transmission System Operator (TSO) manager each neighborhood with installed PV as a virtual power plant with next day’s hourly generation delivered every evening

Micro Grid Services

  • Managing voltage and current on the low voltage distribution grid managed by the Distribution System Operator (DSO)

Financial Services


Green fund

Greeneum Project Bank.png

We want to help build the green world we wanna live in. But sometimes the costs of implementing new projects of renewable energy can be expensive. The Green Fund enable passionate community members to initiate and support new clean energy projects.

With GREENEUM's Green Fund, companies, solar and green energy projects, organisations, communities and city planners can showcase innovations within the global green community.

Through our Green Fund, projects can get the funding they need in two different ways: as crowd donations for social and environmental impact projects or as crowd investment for any kind of private renewable energy project.

Impact projects funded through our Green Fund will get a lifetime free subscription to our PET services. Private projects funded through the Green Fund get 6 months free subscription.



Green market

Greeneum Marketplace.png

Greeneum's mission is sustainability and the incentivization of a green future. Regardless of size or budget, GREEN tokens can be traded for scalable smart monitors, solar panel, wind turbines, services and any other kind of asset.

Greeneum’s decentralized open-market platform enables solar and sustainable energy products and services trading.


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