Greeneum Whitepaper Released

The GREENEUM team is pleased to announce the official release of the Greeneum whitepaper. Our hope is that this document will mark the start of a radical global transformation and contribute to a shift towards a decentralized energy sector.

Together with our board of expert advisors, who have followed the project for many months, the GREENEUM Network team is proud of this important milestone and looks forward to many more.

GREENEUM has created the first sustainable, scalable and secure energy and data trading platform on Blockchain, taking Bitcoin technology one step further. With the goal of eliminating global reliance on toxic and non-renewable energy sources, the GREENEUM network encourages and incentivizes the production of clean energy.

GREENEUM is suggesting a GREEN economical and ecological revolution using the BlockChain technology and financial drive — for the first time, it makes sense for all of us to go GREEN.

Read the GREENEUM white paper here.