Greeneum Joins the Bancor Network™

With the goal of bringing green energy and blockchain to more users and token holders, Greeneum is partnering with Bancor to adopt the Bancor Protocol™, a project that raised $153 million in under three hours this past June to create a standard for Smart Tokens™: cryptocurrencies that are autonomously convertible through their smart contracts.

With this new integration, GREENEUM is able to strengthen its offering, which aims to tokenize all forms of green energy transactions so that consumers, producers, and others may reliably exchange energy value. With the GREEN token being part of the Bancor Network™, accessibility and stability is enhanced for those who are interested in buying and converting GREEN with other tokens in the network.

GREENEUM is redefining global energy systems by leveraging blockchain technology, smart contracts and advanced machine learning in order to provide a decentralized, efficient, and secure data network for a sustainable energy future. GREENEUM will issue an ERC20 utility token with the symbol GREEN, at quarter Q1 2018.

By partnering with Bancor, GREENEUM will offer GREEN token holders access to a network of tokens which will provide additional liquidity, stability and accessibility directly through a convenient Web Application where tokens are exchanged directly through their contracts, thus lowering the costs associated with intermediaries. Bancor utilizes an automated price determining formula which allows all tokens in the network to be convertible at transparent and predictable rates.

With this enhanced functionality, GREEN tokens will benefit from greater ease of convertibility, stability and continuous accessibility. To learn more about the Bancor Protocol please visit

The GREENEUM pre sale is now underway and the ICO begins in Q1 2018. ABOUT GREENEUM GREENEUM ( is creating the most advanced network in the world to enable higher investment, liquidity and efficiency for GREEN, renewable, sustainable energy - including solar, wind, hydro, and thermal energy - by using targeted AI, smart contracts and blockchain technology.

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